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Fluency Admin 3.2

for WordPress 3.2.x

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Note: Fluency Admin is no longer maintained or supported as the standard WordPress admin interface is now very close to what Fluency once aimed to achieve. If you loved Fluency, you'll definitely want to check out the most excellent MP6 project that the WordPress guys have been working on. It's the future!
Fluency Admin gives the standard WordPress admin a little lift and adds a handful of handy features to make /wp-admin an even better place to be.

Awesome Features

  • Stylish dark-on-light colours
  • Hover activated sub-menus
  • Custom colour-schemes
  • Customise WordPress with your logo
  • Access menus using 'hot keys'

Get it!

Fluency Admin 3.2 is available from the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

Fluency 3.2
Requires WordPress 3.2

Support and Feedback

Not yet compatible with WordPress 3.3 Why?

Custom Login Screen

With a simple option you can style the login form to match the rest of the Fluency style.

Classic Blue

Fluency is full compatible with the 'classic' blue WordPress colour theme, if thats what your users prefer, thats what they'll see.

Custom Colour Options

Want something other than grey or blue? Use the colour picker and choose your own colour. Use a different colour on each blog for quick recognition.

Add your own logo

You can specify your own blog or business logo for both the login page and the top of the admin menu allowing you to quickly and easily brand your blog.

Hover Menus

Reducing the number of clicks needed to access menu items, Fluency adds stylish hover menus. Now everything is just one click away.

Menu 'Hot-keys'

Each of the default top level menus has been assigned a 'hot key', represented by the underlined character. Your hands may never need to leave the keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers does this work in?

Fluency Admin has been tested in the latest versions of Safari, Firefox. Users of Internet Explorer may experience some display "issues" to to each browsers particular css-handling ability.

Only minimal Internet Explorer testing has been done, no compatibility guarantees. I may fix bugs where possible, if they are pointed out - some probably can't be fixed.

Why doesn't my plugin work with Fluency?

The majority of plugins should work without issue when Fluency is activated, however there are a few that don't for one reason or another. If you come across a plugin that doesn't play nice with Fluency please let me know so that I can address any issues in a future release.

Most common cause of a plugins incompatibility are highly custom admin pages, ie. those that don't follow the standard WordPress admin design. In the majority of these cases its not particularly feasible for me to write a bunch of custom styles just to get them to play nice.

It's worth noting that most issues that other plugins have are due to poorly designed/coded admin pages, some of these issues I can 'hack' around with css, but many should be fixed by the author of the plugin in question.

I'm using a version of WordPress other that 3.2.x and some things look weird, what can I do?

If you want to use Fluency 3.2 then you MUST be running WordPress 3.2 upgrading WordPress is easy and you should always do it.

If you are unable to upgrade for one reason or another then I would suggest downloading a previous version of Fluency, recommended versions are as follows:

  • Fluency 2.4 for WP3.1
  • Fluency 2.3 for WP3.0
  • Fluency 2.2 for WP2.9
  • Fluency 2.1 for WP2.8

How do I get support for plugin X to be added to Fluency?

Post something in the support forums here on or on my Help site.

Please note that I will not test be testing commercial paid for plugins or those that require me to signup to some spam laden site just to download and/or use them.

Plugins that do not work with the latest version of WordPress will also not be tested.

What languages does Fluency Admin support?

Note: As Fluency 3.2 is a complete rebuild old translations won't work, I will release updates as new translations are provided.

If you're interested in supplying a new or updated translation for your language please get in contact, you'll find the .pot file in the 'languages' folder to get you started.

Release notes

Version 3.2 (July 16, 2011)

  • Completely re-written CSS for WordPress 3.2 compatbility
  • Due to the substantial redesign of the default admin interface, Fluency now 'changes' less than it did previously
  • Hover keys are now indicated by the underlined character in the menu
  • The 'Coffee' and 'Light' colour schemes have been temporarily removed, I'd recommend using the custom colour option until I have time to re-implement them.